Himalayan / Tibetan Singing Bowls

Tiger Tiger | Himalayan Singing BowlsTibetan Buddhist meditation device, used to clear the air and settle the mind. Bowls may be made to 'sing', or struck like a gong. When struck or rung, a complex harmonic tone (the third and fifth note of an octave) is produced. Larger bowls sing at a lower octave. Bowls are made from an alloy of metals: first cast, and then hammered into shape.

Tiger Tiger | Himalayan Singing BowlsTiger Tiger's A Quality bowls are the best singing bowls we can find in Nepal. Each and every one of these are played and hand selected by us in Kathmandu. These older bowls used to be common.. They are becoming scarcer each day. There are fewer old pieces coming in. While it really is impossible to give an age on a given bowl, these bowls range from as new as 50 years, to as old as 300 or 400 years. An actual assessment of the alloy used in a given bowl would require individual testing with some pretty sophisticated (and expensive) equipment. If anyone you know is giving away a functioning spectrophotometer please send them our way!

Tiger Tiger | Singing Bowl StickFree Bowl Stick with Purchase!

Your bowl will come with the appropriate sized plain bowl stick. Bowls over 1 kg will come with a bowl stick plus your choice of a mallet or pillow. Purchase a bowl over 2 kg. and receive a free stick, mallet and a pillow.

Tiger Tiger | Singing Bowl Sticks

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