Thai Buddha Amulet in a 23k Gold Case

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Traditional 23k Gold Thai amulet depicting Buddha seated.

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This Thai Gold Amulet is a beautiful piece depicting the deity Buddha seated in a restful meditation pose.  This pose represents the possibility of living with peace, uprightness, strength, and self-reliance.  This Buddha has crossed legs,  with the right foot on top symbolizing stability.  Both hands, with palms facing upwards, allows power or energy to enter the body through open palms.  This statue represents mental discipline, and ultimate balance of tranquility and thought.  Wearing this Meditating Seated Buddha Amulet is believed to bring you wealth, fortune, luck, happiness and good health.


This piece is vermeil encased in a 23K solid gold frame.  This is a popular devotional item in Thailand, bought directly from the artisans who create them.

It stands 24mm high

Made in Thailand