Tibetan Tantric Rugs

Tantric, or Vajrayana Buddhism relies heavily of the use of ritual, symbolism and metaphor. The designs below are some of the more interesting symbolism to appear in Tantric Buddhism. These are the same highest quality hand woven rugs, as our Tiger designs, each created by Tibetan artisans now living in Nepal. Pure Tibetan wool is used, renowned for its lustre and softness.

The entire process is done completely by hand. The wool is dyed, carded, and spun, and then woven using the unique Tibetan knot. Each piece contains 100 knots per inch, resulting in a rug that is luxuriously thick and supple. One artisan works for almost a month to weave each rug. Every piece is a superb work of art and craft, which will be enjoyed by your family for generations to come. There is no child labor involved.

These designs are available by special order only, and any rug may be made in any size you like. The price shown is per square foot.

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