Tibetan Tantric Carpet, Flayed Man

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Ideal for a small child’s room! Just kidding.

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Ideal for a small child’s room! Just kidding. The Citapati are one of the 75 manifestations of Mahakala in the Tibetan Bon religion. There are two legends surrounding their origin. One is they were two ascetics (male and female) who were so lost in their meditations they didn’t even notice when thieves cut off their heads. The other is that they were two lovers meeting in secret in a graveyard when they surprised and defended the sacred ground against thieves. In gratitude, Mahakala allowed them to remain together for eternity, as his guardians. True or not, it makes a nice story.

The standard size for this rug is 3′ x 6′, but any rug may be had in almost any size. Please contact us directly to discuss custom orders.