Thai Kwan Yin Deity Amulet in 22K Gold Case

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Traditional 22K Gold Thai daily amulet depicting Kwan Yin seated.

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This Thai Gold Amulet is a beautiful piece depicting the deity Kwan Yin* the goddess of mercy, compassion, kindness and love.   She sits on a lotus flower.  The Lotus symbolizes purity, peace and harmony.  In her left hand she holds a Sacred Vase containing pure water, the divine nectar of life, compassion and wisdom.  Wearing this Kwan Yin Amulet is believed to bring you safety, happiness and good luck.

*Alternate spellings are; Guan Yim, Kuan Yim, Kwan Im, Kuan Yin, Kwun Yum, Kannon, Kanzeon, Kwannon, Gwan-eum, Gwanse-eum, Kuan Eim (กวนอิม), Prah Mae Kuan Eim, Quan Âm

The piece is vermeil encased in a 22K gold frame.  A popular devotional item in Thailand, where we buy directly from the jeweler/artisans who create them.

It stands 24mm high.
Made in Thailand