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Do You Love Beads?

Remember as kids how we would collect glass beads to make our own bracelets, necklaces or works of art? Or, maybe you liked to collect items for a charm bracelet. Now that we have “grown up”, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy collecting and adorning yourself with bead works, pendants and charms. People all over the world have used beads as part of their cultural identity or perhaps to represent status or hierarchy. Even to this day, beads are still used for currency and trade. No matter what your purpose is, beads are still just fun to collect and wear.

Endless Uses & Varieties

For centuries, people have used beads in their spirituality. Some use beads for prayer, others for good luck or good fortune. The uses are endless and so are the varieties available today. Tiger Tiger Beads has traveled the world over to bring these unique, sometimes rare or antique beads into stunning collections on their new website

Some of the items in the Tiger-Tiger collectables are for the serious collector of one-of-a-kinds, while others are sold to bulk wholesalers for Arts & Crafts Stores and Gift Shops. They carry everything from Pumtek, Mala and dZi beads, to handcrafted silver, gold, glass and stone. These items originate from Burma, China, the Himalayan region and many other areas. Tiger Tiger Beads has been collecting for over 30 years to bring these items to you.

Anyone Can Enjoy Beads

Even if you are not a serious bead collector, it is still fun to just browse the website‘s many categories. You’ll see remarkable handmade items in all forms. Their are bead necklaces, bracelets, charms, pendants and individual rare items. Tiger-Tiger also carries a unique Vintage Collection of Robert Burkett Beads, (some never seen before). Be sure to give them a visit. It’s well worth it! Our follow Tiger Tiger Beads on Facebook and Pinterest.