Asian Pickers. The Hunt for Rare, Unique, Antique Treasures.

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Are you a picker or a collector?

If you have ever seen the reality show American Pickers on The History Channel, you’ll have a good idea what this article is all about. But this time, the pickings are halfway around the world. From Thailand to Burma, the treasures are hidden all about.  The trick is finding them and making the right deal at the right price.

Meet Tiger-Tiger!

For over 30 years, Tiger Tiger, aka Matt and Susan, have been tramping through several countries hunting and picking for rare, one-of-a-kind antiques and artifacts.  Unfortunately, Susan is no longer among the living, but is still a partner in Spirit.

Recently, Matt reinvented his website at to display many of his finds that are now available for sale, or trade.

A true collector’s dream!

He has been known to go through piles and piles of discarded items just to find that special unique item that most never knew was there. One time, he even discovered a WWII Spitfire Submarine rusting away in an old warehouse. To his dismay, the owner refused to sell it.  If nothing else, it takes patience and a specially trained eye to find these rare and precious oddities, and Tiger has both.  His years of experience have taught him when something is truly of value, or just a cheap knock-off.  Some items are beyond description, simply because the true history of an item may have been lost, forgotten, or never recorded.

In spite of this, Tiger will always do his best to verify the validity and authenticity of every item he offers to his customers, clients, and collectors.

Worlds Away.

Few people have had the commitment and good fortune to visit so many countries and, have the tenacity to locate collectible items again and again. Not to mention overcoming language barriers and border hassles.

Some of the countries Tiger has visited and searched include, Thailand, Burma, Lao, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Nepal, India, the UK, and even the USA. Not to mention much of the Himalayan region.

His current collection includes items like an:

He is the only source of Human Bone Malas anywhere in the world.

No matter what you might be searching for, you’re sure to find something to amaze or astonish in his collection pages.

Look at our Antiques & Artifacts and check these our blog articles often for updates to his collections, special offers, and events.

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