Vintage Glass Faceted Beads
– Works by Bruce St. John Maher

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A Master Craftsman of Faceted Beads.

Bruce St. John Maher is a world renowned Artist and Master Craftsman known best for his Glass Faceted Beads. These stunning beads depict landscapes and forests mostly and have a 3D effect to them. The layered painting and kiln technique that he perfected is almost completely exclusive to his craft.

Very few artists have ever attempted to mimic his techniques until only recently. This is due in part to a booklet by Jim Kervin where Bruce outlines and reveals some of his secrets on how these magnificent beads are made. By using phosphorescent paints and creating the images on the glass, these pieces of glass are then joined together and fused in a kiln to create a single bead. The three dimensional effect this creates if phenomenal!

High Honors.

Bruce’s work has been displayed in museums such as The Corning Glass Museum, and some of his work is also in The Louvre in Paris, France. His attention to detail and innovation of his craft definitely earned him a place in the museum of the world’s finest artworks.

The techniques he personally developed are what makes his bead work so unique. Each bead is very time consuming to make, and it has been said that Bruce will no longer be making these one of a kind pieces since they require so much effort.

Coming Soon

Tiger Tiger has recently come to posses some of these fine quality pieces and they will be availabe at and very soon.

As these artworks will become harder and harder to come by, they may be going fast. So, keep an eye out for them before they’re gone.