Brocade and Textiles. A Brief History.

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What is Brocade?

As early as China’s Sung Dynasty, (960 AD to 1279 AD), and possibly earlier, Brocade has been an embroidered fabric generally made with silk. The earliest origins are unknown, which gives these unique fabrics a sense of ancient times and the styles worn back then. Up until the 1800s, Brocade was either hand embroidered or hand woven using a raised weft technique. Then, in 1801, Joseph Jacquard introduced his innovative Jacquard Loom. This invention transformed the textiles industry by allowing the creation of intricate designs into fabrics of all kinds.

The Hill Tribes

For centuries, the Hill Tribes of Nepal, China and Burma and other regions have been creating these fabrics by hand. Using embroidery, Ikat and supplementary warp weaving, the most noted creators of these fabrics were the Hmong, Akha and Karen peoples. Many of these textiles are no longer made by hand due to mass production by automated looms. However, some vintage fabrics have been repurposed into Handbags, Shoulder Bags and Pouches. Many of these rare and unique items can be found here in our shop. Tiger Tiger has a large selection of these one of a kind items, some made with repurposed vintage cloth that will never be available again. These items were all personally sourced by Tiger Tiger from these many regions, and once they are gone, they’re gone.

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Modern Times

In the past, many people used these special Mala Bags and pouches to keep their collection of prayer or collectable, (often valuable), beads. Today these affordable pouches make great fashion accessories and gifts.

Nowadays, almost all Brocade fabrics are manufactured in mass, but there is still a chance to get authentic, items from Tiger Tiger’s  stunning Vintage Brocade Handbags collections. If it’s a unique Handbag or Pouch you’re looking for, Tiger Tiger has it. Drop in and have a look!

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