For centuries, the Hill Tribes of Nepal, China and Burma and other regions have been creating these fabrics by hand. Using embroidery, Ikat and supplementary warp weaving, the most noted creators of these fabrics were the Hmong, Akha and Karen peoples.

Many of these textiles are no longer made by hand due to mass production by automated looms. However, some vintage fabrics have been repurposed into Handbags, Shoulder Bags and Pouches.

Tiger Tiger has a large selection of these one of a kind items, personally sourced by Tiger Tiger from these many regions, some made with repurposed vintage cloth that will never be available again.

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Remember as kids how we would collect glass beads to make our own bracelets, necklaces or works of art? Or, maybe you liked to collect items for a charm bracelet. Now that we have “grown up” it doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy collecting and adorning yourself with bead work pendants and charms.

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Are you a picker or a collector? If you have ever seen the reality show American Pickers on The History Channel, you’ll have a good idea what this article is all about. But this time, the pickings are halfway around the world. From Thailand to Burma, the treasures are hidden all about.  The trick is finding them and making the right deal at the right price.

Meet Tiger-Tiger!
For over 30 years, Tiger Tiger, aka Matt and Susan, have been tramping through several countries hunting and picking for rare, one-of-a-kind antiques and artifacts.  Unfortunately, Susan is no longer among the living, but is still a partner in Spirit.

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It’s not too late! Robert Burkett is a world-renowned jewelry maker and has been called the Finest Bead-Maker in America. He works primarily in silver and shibuichi, an ancient Japanese process where silver is mixed with copper to produce stunning arrays of color and form. Yet, there is a strong possibility he will not be producing these collectible items much longer. His pieces are crafted by hand using the lost wax casting technique. Highly collectible and treasured, his style is uniquely his own. Sometimes imitated, but never matched!

Read more About the Robert Burkett Collection…

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Rare Collection of Antique Singing Bowls. Once Lost, Now Found!

Tiger Tiger is world renowned for finding some of Asia’s most prized and collectable artifacts, textiles, jewelry and dZi Beads for Wholesalers and Museums. Now, we have discovered a missing box of rare, authentic, Antique Singing Bowls. You can be assured of the quality and authenticity due to Tiger’s vast years of research and acquisitions of these unique, hard to find Singing bowls.

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This will be Tiger’s first year exhibiting at Pueblo!  At this show we will be selling carrying ancient beads from Asia, as well as artifacts.  We will also have amulets, pendants, jewelry and singing bowls! As usual, there will be espresso on demand and Tiger’s noteworthy hospitality!

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Tiger  will be exhibiting in the 22nd Street tent this year! This venue will feature the work of Robert Burkett as well some other jewelry items. We will also be carrying lots of Tie Dye Clothing, as well


We will be in Booth number A38.

Come say hi!

Onsite parking is $3/day during the the week and $5 on weekends.

Tiger will be speaking about:

A) some of the history of the peoples, migrations and cultural dispersion. I will then make a presentation of the actual beads and differences between Pyu and Chin beads.

B) I will talk about some of Robert Burkett’s works and designs, as well as the challenges of getting the designs reproduced.

C) To augment the talk, I will be bringing example of Pumtek & Pyu Beads. I will also bring Burkett production beads, as well a number pieces of his from Tiger’s collection.

Following the presentation, there will be both Ancient Beads and production pieces designed by Robert Burkett for sale.