Lost Collection of Antique Singing Bowls Found!

BONET5049 | Mani Singing Bowl - 02 | BONET5049 | Mani Singing Bowl - 02

Antique Singing Bowls. Once Lost, Now Found!

Tiger Tiger is world renowned for finding some of Asia’s most prized and collectable artifacts, textiles, jewelry and dZi Beads for Wholesalers and Museums. Now, we have discovered  a missing box of rare, authentic, Antique Himalayan Singing Bowls. You can be assured of the quality and authenticity due to Tiger’s vast years of research and acquisitions of these unique, hard to find Singing bowls.

Have you ever heard the beautiful tone of an Antique Singing Bowl?

These handcrafted Singing Bowls can be made to sing by oscillating the rim of the bowl with a stick, or have a harmonic gong effect when struck with a mallet. The tonal quality of these bowls is exceptional since Tiger has used his 30 plus years of experience and expertise to play every bowl before choosing the best to add to his inventory.

Now, his latest discovery is available to you!

These Singing Bowls range in age from approximately 100 to 400 years old. Still used by Tibetan Monks and Buddhists, the purity of tone from these bowls promotes Well Being and Mindfulness and are often used in Meditation and Yoga sessions.  And now these rare and unique Himalayan collectables are available for sale to you!  Most bowls also come with accessories as a part of the purchase.

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