Vintage Burkett Collection Coming Soon to the Website!

Exciting Vintage Burkett Collection has Found It’s Way to Tiger Tiger!

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Tiger has acquired a collection of vintage Robert Burkett pieces from an estate.  We now have close to 9 kilos of vintage Burkett originals made in the 80’s and 90’s. Among these pieces are a variety of creatures and critters, as well as wonderful ornate spacer beads and figurative pieces. Some of these pieces are Bob’s productions, as well as one of a kinds.


Robert Burkett is a world-recognized jewelry maker and has been called the finest bead-maker in America. He works primarily in silver and shibuichi, a Japanese process where silver is mixed with copper to produce stunning arrays of color and form.

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His pieces are crafted by hand using the lost-wax casting technique. Highly collectible, his style is uniquely his own.

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This collection consists of wonderful beads, pendants, bottles, and introduces new families of critters such as bears, snakes, elephants, dragonfly’s, platypus’ and many more! All the pieces are cast in silver or shibuichi.

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We are very excited to process and share these collectible items with collectors and jewelry makers. Stay tuned for all these Burkett designs to appear on our website as well as our Etsy shop TigerTigerTreasures.

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