Tiger Tiger attends The Tribal & Textile Art Virtual Show 2021!

blog_SanFran-Show-2021 | Tiger-Tiger | Tribal & Textile Arts - 2021

A First of it’s Kind.

There is an old adage in business; “If there is enough need or demand, the market will find a way to fill that demand.” And that is exactly what is happening as The San Francisco Tribal & Textile Art Show 2021 is under way for it’s second day as a ‘Virtual Event’ for the first time ever.

This years theme of THE VIRTUAL EDITION OF THE 35TH ANNUAL SAN FRANCISCO TRIBAL & TEXTILE ART SHOW/2021 is Art of Asia, Africa, Oceana and The Americas, and will run through February 28th.

Over 130 Dealers, and Exhibitors in Attendance!

This year is different in many ways. This Virtual Edition of The 35th San Francisco Tribal & Textile Art Show is being presented at the same time as The Virtual Edition of The 37th annual American Indian Art Show/San Francisco. This event was traditionally held at the Marin Center, in San Rafael, CA.

These two historic shows are now combined to create the major event of the year for Tribal and American Indian art, with international galleries, dealers and native artists presenting the very best in indigenous art from around the world. This is the largest ever presentation of its kind!

Don’t Miss Out!

Both events will run until the 28th of February and Tiger Tiger will be there in virtual attendance to feature a wide variety of items from their various collections.
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